Little Angels Daycare Inc. 

Infants: 15-23 months

Preschool: 2-4 years 

After School: 5-12 years 

Communication and Literacies  

​- Communication practices  

- Multi-model literacies   

- Literate identities with and in communities    

Age Groups

Little Angels Daycare Inc. and Angels "R" Wee are licensed by the Province of New Brunswick and follow the New Brunswick Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum. This Curriculum is a guide designed to support parents and caregivers in creating stimulating and nurturing learning environments for young children.

With this Curriculum we strive to ensure our programs are stimulating and developmentally appropriate for each age group. We are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her potential. Our goals will be to achieve: self-esteem, inventive imaginations, self-control and independence. Social relationships are best developed through creative play.

Angels "R" Wee

Infants: 0-23 months 

Preschool: 2-4 years 

After School: 5-12 years 

Well Being

​- Emotional health and positive identities

- Belonging

- Physical health 

Our Programs 

learning goals 

Karen Peterson, Administrator


Diversity and Social Responsibilities 

​- Inclusiveness and equity 

- Democratic practices  

- Sustainable futures   

Play and Playfulness 

- Imagination and creativity 

- Playful exploration and problem solving 

- Dizzy play 


Enrollment Information